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About Me

I’m Renee Chan. I was originally from Taiwan. After receiving a bachelor degree in music, I came to America to continue studying music eventually leading to earning a master degree. Life was good.
In 2007, I had to get my annual health check up where the doctor told me I had a shadow in my spleen. After being told this, I had to go back to check if the shadow had changed over the course of 3 months. Life was too good so I did not want this shadow in my spleen to ruin my happiness. To prevent this from happening I completely changed my diet. I started making healthier, colorful dishes which my friend saw and suggested I posted them online. So I did. This was the start of my photography life. Luckily this change in my diet helped and as I went back for a checkup, I was deemed healthy.
I started to not only take pictures of food, but of my daughter and pets. After posting these, I received positive feedback including many people complimenting that I had a natural eye for photography. I love taking pictures of people in the moment, not forcing them to pose. Because of this, people said that they could see the stories behind the images. To them, the pictures gave them feelings of warmth and happiness, so people started to hire me as a photographer.
As a photographer, I shoot from the heart for the heart, capturing moments that touch you the most. I tell your beautiful stories in a heartfelt, fun, warm, simple and true way. Every time you look back at these images, they will bring you to your most special memories.
If you like my style, please call or email me. I frequently travel from Los Angeles to Taiwan, but I am able to travel anywhere. I want to thank you for visiting my website and giving me your consideration. I am looking forward to meeting all of you!